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What is NOISE Guitar Class?

NOISE Guitar Class is the best and most enjoyable way to learn how to play guitar without the pressure of exams and assessed performances. Being able to read music is not a necessity and there are no limits on age or genre

There are sessions for acoustic, electric and bass guitar. You learn the techniques and songs that you want to learn and you can follow the class individually or in small groups.

What do i need?

The only thing you need is enthousiasm. Having your own instrument is also a benefit voordeel, mainly so that you can practice at home, but there is also a practice guitar available for during the lesson. There is also a guitar available for children in their size. 

10 or 20 sessions 

You can choose between a series of 10 or 20 sessions. There is also the option to record a song in the last lessons of the series. With this you can show everyone what you have learned.

10 Sessies: 

  350 euro

20 Sessies:

  580 euro

Every session lasts an hour, but for small children the timing of the sessions can be adjusted. 10 sessions of an hour then become 20 sessions of a half hour, for the same price. Each sessions is tracked on a stamp card so that if you are unable to attend for one lesson then you won't miss out on your total lessons. 

Sessions with recording

There are 3 lessons forseen for the recording of a song that you have learned  and the mixing of the recording by the teacher is included in the price.

It's suggested that beginners start with a 10 session card without recording included, in order to learn and practice the necessary techniques.

20 Sessies:

  700 euro

10 Sessies: 

  550 euro


NOISE takes place in:

Caraibe studio

in the centre of Mol, 2400 Belgium 


Lessons take place on weekdays between 14:00 and 21:00 and in the weekend between 10:00 and 18:00. 

Ready to make NOISE?

Get in contact with Louis B Burrows to make an appointment for a free half an hour lesson to get to know each other. 



Mobile: 0470 10 63 23

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