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Louis B Burrows grew up in the hills of middle England, where he earned his keep as a street musician. Five years ago, love brought him to Belgium, and on Sunday 11 April, Louis will present his first EP, Small Talk. With a warm voice and a broad spectrum of instruments, he brings a mix of protest songs, love songs and musings about times with more freedom.  

Live (and on livestreams), there's not a stiff upper lip in sight, but a performer full of gusto who enjoys making music to the fullest. In 2019, Louis and his band The Tin Can Telephone won the Fiesta Rally at Fiesta Mundial, featuring songs from Small Talk. Corona forced him back into the studio alone, resulting in an EP full of honest, layered songs, with influences from the folk, punk and singer-songwriter genre. Narrative, upbeat, but with a hint of melancholy.

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Phone: +32 470 10 63 23

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Louis B Burrows
Freelance musician, artist and illustrator

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