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Louis B Burrows is a musician, artist and illustrator hailing from Worcestershire, UK and currently living in Mol, Belgium. Whilst often adopting the moniker of "an Englishman in Flanders" Louis aims to pursue a career as an internationally acknowledged musician and artist. He embraces the journey and relishes the many oppurtunities and challenges that come his way.


Louis is a keen musician and professional performing artist. He uses his guitar and voice to power meaningful narrative driven songs that stem from a central inspiration around folk and country music but combine elements from a wider range of genres including blues, rock, punk and even more classical and contemporary genres. The crucible of his young career as a street performer helped shape his initial sound and Louis' continuous work on his own recording process continues to bend and shape his tone.

As an artist Louis is intrigued by materials and textures and uses a range of processes from oil paint to printing. Louis is particularly interested in the techniques, theories and practitioners of the surrealist movement. Allied with his imagination and a box of paints, he pursues and engages with a variety of unusual concepts. He has exhibited in numerous Worcestershire libraries and has also worked with Artworld gallery in Blackminster. His work has been featured in a range of group exhibitions in Farnham, Surrey, UK and in Mol, Belgium. 


Phone: +32 470 10 63 23


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